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Current Projects


-Preparing for Analysis of Returned Mars Samples through Collaborative Analysis of High-Fidelity Analogs

  • Randazzo N., Simon J.I., Tuite M., Flannery D., Herd C.D.K., Fornaro T., Benaroya S., Froese D.G., Eckley S., Harvey J., McCubbin F.M., Pumple J., O’Neal E.W., Regberg A.B., and Zeigler RA.A.

-Plausibility of Milankovitch- Driven Glaciations under Ultra- Greenhouse Conditions: Stratigraphic Correlation and Sea Level: Reconstruction of the Turonian Western Interior Seaway using Tephrochronology and Biostratigraphy (In Preparation for GSA Bulletin)

  • Randazzo N., Wu T., Bhattacharya J.P., Walecki M., Fries K., Nelson R., Kim S- T.,   Jicha B.R. and Singer B.S.


-The Nature of Prodeltaic Laminated Sediment Deposition and its Relation to Organic Carbon Preservation in the Mancos Shale (In Preparation for Paleogeography, Paleoclimatology, Paleoecology)

  • Randazzo N., Gabriel J., Lourenço R.B., Reinhardt E.G., Bhattacharya J.P, Kim S- T, and Genovese C. 


-Environmental Reconstruction of the Turonian Paleoclimate using Organic Carbon and Carbonate Stable Isotope Records from the Mancos Shale (In Preparation for GSA Bulletin)

  • Randazzo N., Kim S- T., Bhattacharya J.P., and Walecki M.


-Effect of Martian- like Radiation Conditions on Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Compositions of Carbonates (In Preparation for Journal of Geophysical Research- Planets)

  • Randazzo N., Kim S- T., Stalport F., Rheinstäder M.C., Cottin H, and Coll P.


-The Influence of Carbonic Anhydrase on the Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Effects in Synthesized Carbonates at 25oC (In Preparation for Chemical Geology)

  • Randazzo N., Kim S- T., and El- Shenawy M.        


-Geochemical Fingerprinting of Late Cretaceous Bentonites from the Mancos Shale, Utah and New Mexico, USA (Submitted to Clays and Clay Minerals)

  • Randazzo N., Gabriel J., Reinhardt E.G., Bhattacharya J.P., Walecki M., and Kim S-T.,


-Mineralogy, morphology, and emplacement history of the Maaz formation on the Jezero crater floor from orbital and rover observations (Submitted to the Journal of Geophysical Research- Planets)

  • Horgan B., Udry A., Rice M., Alwmark S, Amundsen H., Bell J., Crumpler L., Garczynski B., Johnson J., Kinch K., Mandon L., Merusi M., Million C., Núñez J.I., Russell P., Simon J.I., St. Clair M., Stack-Morgan K., Vaughan A., Wogsland B., Annex A, Bechtold A., Berger T., Beyssac O., Brown A., Cloutis E., Cohen B.A., Fagents S., Kah L., Farley K., Flannery D., GuptaS., Hamran S-E, Liu Y., Paar G., Quantin-Nataf C., Ravanis E., Randazzo N., Sholes S., Shuster D., Sun V., Tate C., Tosca N., Wadhwa M., and Wiens R.C.


-High Resolution Biostratigraphy and Chronostratigraphy of the Juana Lopez Member of the Mancos Shale and the Gallup Sandstone Formation, Northwestern New Mexico. (In Preparation)

  • Nelson R., Fries K., Bhattacharya J.P, and Randazzo N.


-Developing tailored data combination strategies to optimize the SuperCam classification of carbonate phases on Mars (In Preparation for Analytica Chimica Acta)

  • Veneranda M., Manrique J.A., Lopez-Reyes G., Julve-Gonzalez S., Rull F., Alvarez Llamas C., Gibbons E., Clave E., Cloutis E., Huidobro J., Castro K., Madariaga J.M., Randazzo N., Brown A., Willis P., Maurice S., and Wiens R.C.

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